Fistaž Embroidery Yarns

Higher level of quality artificial silk yarn embroidery Fistaž fiber is being produced, and has high strength and brightness. High degree of industry-leading performance in the embroidery yarn is.

In Turkey, in technology and design with the yarn in paint by the leading modern dye used, the top level of chemicals and paint materials, embroidery machines in a seamless manner that could adapt the process to use our valuable customers is presented. Fistaž Inc. produced with modern and latest technology with the care of embroidery thread, brightness, quality and maximum performance can be used with a clear, production can be moved to maximize your productivity.

And degrade the color of a flat sheet of our stock in the shortest time of delivery is up to your door and demand a very short period of time as the custom colors at no cost to our customers by producing transport services are provided.



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Straight and degrade the color Fiscotton ® 5000mt2 with 2500mt and addressing different areas of the product is presented in appreciation of our valuable customers.

Added new colors to our numbered card * Fisrayon ®

Added new colors to the sheet * Fiscotton ® ...

Fisrayon ® 1000mt, 2500mt and our customers as the stock 5000mt convoluted services.

Fiscotton yeni renklerimiz
kartelamıza eklendi...

Fisrayon 1000mt,2500mt ve 5000mt sarımlı olarak siz müşterilerimize stok hizmeti vermektedir.

Important Information

Strong chemical detergents do not contain additives products Embroidered with 60 C should be washed.

Wet parts, especially in the first wash and pressed not stack on top.

Parts must be completely dry after the rinse.

If you use solvent for removal of dirt you need not contain bleach should be preferred.

Part of the process of ironing embroidered fabrics made between the two must be wrong

Part of the process of ironing embroidered fabrics made between the two must be wrong.

Yarn and high light, perspiration, dry cleaning has has washing.